• The jackpot that’s making more winners than ever at Sky Vegas!

    It doesn’t matter what your stake is – the chances of being invited to Party Pots are the same for everyone in our brand new and exclusive jackpot experience, Party Pots!

    There’s now FOUR games to choose from and seven party-themed jackpots that are dropping more every day, week and month than you’ve ever seen before at Sky Vegas. We gave away over £250,000 in the first two weeks and since then, we’ve gone to drop over £700,000 in CASH exclusively to Sky Vegas players.

    All the above means our pots have dropped over 2.2K times – we even started the New Year with a bang – with a huge 12 drops in just one day!

    Balthazar’s Wild Carnival is a Sky Vegas Original - our newest arrival can only be found at Sky Vegas and as you can expect, he’s proving both popular and lucky with Sky Vegas players, who have won over £90K from over 370 since the 21st December!

    If you see fireworks…

    So if you see fireworks explode from below the reels on any one of our three brand new games, you’re in - you’ll cruise in style from party to party, collecting cash, VIP tickets and the chance to land a jackpot on the way!

    The first stop for everyone is the House Party that dropped close to 500 times in its first two weeks - but you could collect VIP tickets and go all the way to Vegas.

    Along the way, you’ll cool down by the pool and let your hair down in the club, before stepping up to the mic at the concert, something only a handful of players have taken home!

    Fun fact? Everyone who scooped a Party Pot on New Year’s Day was playing on Balthazar’s Wild Carnival! Between them, our 12 winners scooped over £1,800!

    Winner Stories

    The 6-time winner

    Ms M from north of Belfast is our luckiest winner to date, scooping a Party Pot not once, not twice but a massive SIX times! We’re wondering if Ms M buys her glow-sticks in bulk with all of the House Parties she goes to!

    The Vegas Party Winner!

    Our first player to win the biggest Party Pot jackpot was Mr T from Milton Keynes. From a £2 spin on Pacific Boom, Mr T won £31,428.41. That’s enough to buy yourself a real first class ticket to Vegas!

    The hottest party...

    Pacific Boom is proving very popular with our players, with just over 40% of all Party Pots drops coming from this naval themed exclusive - there must be something in the water!

    More winner stories coming soon...