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Roulette iPhone

Roulette iPhone

Game features

  • Classic Roulette now on iPhone
  • The more the risk, the more the reward
  • Pick from 37 stops

Roulette allows you to select your level of risk and reward. Try to predict a specific number for a very big reward. Reduce your risk by betting on several numbers, either with separate bets or with one bet covering multiple numbers.

Additionally, you can play even-money payout bets where you try to spot trends between red or black, or odd or even. Alternatively, you can bet somewhere in the middle by trying to predict in which column or in which section of rows the ball will land.

Choosing your stake

Stakes will be configurable per operator. Chips can range from £0.10 to £100 with the following chips available to the operator:

£0.10, £0.20, £0.50, £1, £5, £25 and £100.

Main Game - Game Flow

You will be presented with the wheel and a betting area upon entering the game, where you can choose which area you would like to wager on. Touch the betting area or the ‘Place Bets' button to access the betting area. Once wagers are placed, press ‘Back' and then press ‘Spin' to initiate the wheel spin. The position on the wheel where the ball stops decides the winning number/colour.

Game Structure

• The Roulette wheel has 37 stops numbered 0-36.

• Numbers 1-36 are red or black. 0 is green.

• The ball has an equal chance of landing on any of the 37 stops.

• You make wagers by placing chips in the betting area of the Roulette table. After all bets are placed, the ball is spun and eventually lands on a number.

• Wagers placed on the winning number or on groups that include the winning number are paid a multiple of the bet. The house collects all other wagers.

• In the betting area you have the option to ‘Undo' your last chip placement, ‘Clear All' or go ‘Back'. ‘Back' takes you to the game screen where ‘Spin' can be selected.

• Once an initial spin has been made you have three options on the game screen. 1.  ‘Rebet and Spin': Places the same chips as the previous spin and starts the wheel spinning.

2. ‘Rebet': Places the same chips as the previous spin but doesn't spin the wheel. This enables you to double/triple their previous bet by pressing ‘Rebet' twice/three times and so on.

3. ‘Place Bets': Takes you to the betting area to place new chips. 

• The game will zoom in on the winning number once the wheel has stopped.

• If your selection matches the winning number the game will credit your balance.


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