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Blackjack iPhone

Game features

  • Classic table game now on your iPhone
  • Dealer checks for Blackjack early
  • Double down or split Aces

Vegas Blackjack with 20+ BonusTM is a generous Blackjack game with the American rule:

The Dealer checks for Blackjack early. This rule saves you from adversely risking more money to split or double down. You can double down and hit split Aces to fully cash in on your advantage!

All other American rules apply, including double down on any two cards, double down after splits, and Dealer stands on soft-17.

In Vegas Blackjack with 20+ Bonus, you try to beat the Dealer by accumulating a card value total close to, but not over, 21 points.

Start by placing a bet.

After placing your bets, press the DEAL button to start play.

Playing a Hand of Blackjack

All face cards are worth 10, Aces are worth either 1 or 11, and all other cards are worth their face value. A Blackjack occurs when the card value total of an original hand's first two cards sums to 21 by getting an Ace and a 10-value card.

If the Dealer's face-up card is an Ace, you may be offered the opportunity to place an Insurance Bet against a Dealer's Blackjack. (Whether or not this offer is made is based upon your options settings). If you accept the Insurance Bet offer, this automatically places another bet equal to half of your main game bet. If the Dealer has Blackjack, your Insurance Bet is paid 2 to 1. If the Dealer does not have Blackjack, your Insurance Bet is forfeited and play proceeds.

The Insurance Bet has no impact on the 20+ Bonus award.

If the Dealer's face-up card is a 10-value card, then the Dealer's face down card is checked, but no Insurance Bet is offered. Early checking of Dealer Blackjack is a big advantage for the player since it eliminates risking additional double down bets and split bets to be lost to a late-revealed Dealer Blackjack.

If the Dealer's hand is a Blackjack, then your main game bet is forfeited and the game ends. The exception is when you also have a Blackjack, which is a push, and your main game bet is returned.

If the Dealer's hand is not a Blackjack, then you get to play out your hand. If you are dealt a Blackjack on your first two cards (and the Dealer does not also have a Blackjack), then your hand is an automatic winner and paid 3 to 2. If neither the Dealer nor you have a Blackjack, you are given the opportunity to try to improve the outcome of your hand. Depending on the cards you hold, you may choose one of the following actions:

HIT - You request an additional card. You can continue to request additional cards until you decide to stand or until your card value total is 21 (automatic stop) or until you bust by receiving a card that causes your card value total to exceed 21. If you bust a hand, that hand loses and all corresponding bets are forfeited.

STAND - You request no further cards and play this hand against the Dealer's hand.

SPLIT - If the first two cards in a hand are of the same value, you may press SPLIT to split your cards into two separate hands, which also places an additional bet equal to your initial main game bet. Split Aces are treated like any other split hand. A split hand leading to a two-card value total of 21 is not a Blackjack.

DOUBLE DOWN - On the first two cards in a hand, you may press

DOUBLE DOWN to automatically double your original main game bet and receive exactly one additional card. You may also Double Down on the first two cards of any split hand.

The card value total is displayed on circular plaques adjacent to each hand. As cards are dealt to a hand, the plaque displays an updated card value total. When your hand holds an Ace, the plaque flashes the card value total and the word "Soft." The value displayed is based on counting the Ace as an 11 rather than a 1 (for example, a 5 and an Ace are shown as a "Soft 16").

When comparing your hand versus the Dealer's hand, Aces are evaluated such that they represent the highest possible card value total not exceeding 21.

After you have played out your hand without exceeding 21, the Dealer's hand is played out.

If the Dealer's hand is a Blackjack, then all main bets are forfeited, and the game ends. (The exception is when you also have a Blackjack in which case your main bet is returned.)

If the Dealer's card value total is 16 or lower, additional cards are dealt until the card value total is 17 or higher.

If the Dealer's card value total exceeds 21, then the Dealer busts and any of your standing hands win. Otherwise, the Dealer's card value total is compared against each of your hands. In the case of a tie, this is a push and your bets for that hand are returned.

20+ Bonus (TM) Award

To be eligible for a 20+ Bonus (TM) award, you must place a 20+ Bonus bet before the cards are dealt. (See How to Bet for more details on betting.)

The 20+ Bonus cannot be played on its own. You must make a main game bet of at least the table minimum amount in order to play the 20+ Bonus game.

You win a 20+ Bonus award by getting a 20 or 21 on your first two cards and then standing. The award amount is based on the Dealer's final hand relative to your two-card hand.

If you hit, double down, or split an initial two-card 20, your 20+ Bonus award is forfeit.

A 20+ Bonus award is not paid on a two-card 20 or 21 formed from a split.

An Insurance Bet has no impact on a 20+ Bonus award.

How To Bet

To play Vegas Blackjack with 20+ Bonus, select a chip value by clicking a chip in the middle of the playing field. The chip you select is highlighted by the arrow indicators. To place a bet, click the bet area at the left of table.

Each time you click, you place one chip on the table. If you choose the 20+ side bet add a chip to the 20+ area at the right of the table.

Your bet must be at least as large as the minimum bet and cannot exceed the maximum bet.

After you place your bet, press the DEAL button.

If you wish to repeat your last bet and play immediately after completing a game, press the REBET AND DEAL button. If you have sufficient credits, this button restores your previous bets and initiates play all in one click.

If you wish to repeat your last bet without initiating a new game, press the REBET button. This restores your previous bets. If you wish, you can adjust any bet. You still need to press the DEAL button to initiate play.

To remove a bet from the table, press the CLEAR BETS button.


Should you get disconnected during play we strongly recommend that on reconnection you re-launch the game and ensure any outstanding transactions are completed. Sky Vegas checks periodically and where incomplete transactions are found those games are terminated and any monies owed are returned to the player.

This game is regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is 99%. This RTP represents the long-term expected payback of the game which has been calculated by an independent testing company in accordance with AGCC regulations.


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