• Zodiac Roulette

    Do you have a good fortune written in the stars?

    Game Info

    In Zodiac Roulette, place the usual range of roulette bets with some extra ones unique to Zodiac Roulette. Select your stake, place your bets and spin the wheel. As the point your cursor at the betting mat, it illuminates to show the selected bet. The returns for that bet are shown in the pop-up box.

    Example game play screens

    How To Play

    Select a Chip value from the trap at the bottom of your screen. Change chip denomination at any time while placing bets.

    Point at the betting mat and click on a selected area to place a bet. The returns for the bet are shown in the nearby pop-up.

    You can place any combination of chips on any bet, up to a maximum of 100.00 for inside bets and 500.00 for outside bets.

    When you have placed all the bets you want to, click the spin button. The Roulette wheel will spin and the ball will come to rest on a single number. Winnings from correct bets will be added to your balance.

    As well as standard roulette bets you can also bet on low, middle and high numbers as well as the astrological elements of Air, Water, Earth or Fire.

    The full list of available bets is;

    Straight up - any single number - pays 11/1 or stake x12

    Top Line - 0, 1, 2, 3 - pays 2/1 stake x3

    Split - any two adjacent numbers - pays 5/1 or stake x6

    Trio - 0, 1, 2 or 0, 2, 3 - pays 3/1 stake x4

    Corner - any four adjacent numbers - pays 2/1 stake x3

    Odd / Even - pays 1/1 stake x2

    Red / Black - pays 1/1 stake x2

    Low, Middle, High line - 1-6, 4-9, 7-12 - pays 1/1 stake x2

    Street - any single row - pays 3/1 stake x4

    Column - any four numbers in a column - pays 2/1 stake x3

    Elements - Air - Aquarius (1), Gemini (5) and Libra (9) - pays 3/1 stake x4

    Elements - Water - Pisces (2), Cancer (6) and Scorpio (10) - pays 3/1 stake x4

    Elements - Earth - Taurus (4), Virgo (8), and Capricorn (12) - pays 3/1 stake x4

    Elements - Fire - Aries (3), Leo (7) and Sagittarius (11) - pays 3/1 stake x4

    The previous 10 results are shown on the history bar.

    Games control buttons

    Spin ends the betting and spins the wheel.

    Clear removes all bets on the table.

    Undo removes the last bet made.

    Double adds all currently placed bets again.

    New Game starts from fresh after a game has finished.

    Rebet re-lays all the bets from the previous game

    Rebet + spin re-lays all the bets from the previous game and spins the wheel.

    Rebet X2 + spin re-lays double all the bets from the previous game and spins the wheel.

    To remove a single chip from the betting mat press SHIFT on the keyboard and click on the desired chip.

    Bet types

    Inside bets are any bet placed directly on numbers on the betting mat. These bets have a 100.00 maximum.

    Outside bets are any bet placed outside the numbers on the betting mat. These bets have a 500.00 maximum

    Should you get disconnected during play we strongly recommend that on reconnection you re-launch the game and ensure any outstanding transactions are completed.

    The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is 92.31%. This RTP represents the long-term expected payback of the game which has been calculated by an independent testing company.

    Malfunction Voids all Pays & Plays.

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