• Vegas Nights

    20 Lines - 3 Features in the Vegas Style!

    Game Info

    Enjoy a night in Vegas with this fabulous new 20 line slot game. Packed with amazing graphics and state of the art animations there are also several new features to look out for.

    Keep your eyes open for x2, x5 or x10 wild multipliers, watch out for the Roulette bonus feature and enjoy the cocktail scatter bonus where you get awarded free spins that could include "super" wilds that remain in position allowing multiple wins.

    Example game play screens

    How to Play

    During Gameplay

    Roulette Bonus

    Three or more consecutive feature icons (from left to right only) are required to start the feature. 

    The wild icon WILL count as a feature Icon, but there will be no multiplier value present as the feature game wins in its own right.

    The number of consecutive icons and the stake per/line set that triggered the feature will determine how many chips will be brought into the feature to play with - the chips will represent values in the players chosen currency. The formula used to convert the number of icons that triggered the feature into chips is as following (example assumes a £1 stake per/line set):

    · 3 Icons - 5x the triggering line/stake (example £1) = £5 Total value of chips

    · 4 Icons - 10x the triggering line/stake (example £1) = £10 Total value of chips

    · 5 Icons - 15x the triggering line/stake (example £1) = £15 Total value of chips

    · The bet types relate to the possible outcomes of a single spin of the Roulette wheel; the ball inside the wheel will come to rest on a single number, which is considered the result.

    · Study the bet types available and decide on what bet/s you want to place, and the number of chips to be placed on each bet

    · To place a bet, move the mouse pointer over the desired bet type on the betting cloth in front or the wheel and click the mouse; one chip will be deposited on the bet. Each click will add one chip to the bet.

    · You have 3 spins of the Roulette wheel available to you. You must use all of the spins, unless you run out of chips.

    · You may place as many chips as you wish in a single spin, with a minimum of 1 chip per/spin. You may bet on more than 1 bet type in a spin, and bet different amounts on different bets. Any unused chips will be credited as winnings at the end of the feature.

    · When you are happy with your bet/s, click the spin button on the game cabinet - the wheel will spin and a draw result will be produced

    · Any winnings will be stored and paid to you at the end of the feature - they will not be converted into chips

    · Place bets and spin the wheel again until you have either run out of chips or you 3 spins have expired.

    · A number of Free-spin quantities (available range: 1 - 25)

    · Free spin quantities will be added together to give a grand total of spins for the feature. For example: 2 spins + 15spins + 3 spins = 20 free spins for the feature.

    · One Launch free spins

    · There will be no Special Feature Icons (that lead to the mini-games) in the free-spins reel set.

    · There will be no Wild Bonus Icons, but there will be Super Wild Icons which are unique to the free-spin reel set. The Super Wild Icons will replace the wild cards in normal reel set.

    General rules about Free-Spins

    · Free plays are free spins that start automatically and play out consecutively until they are exhausted.

    · The talkback area will display all the free spins remaining on the left of the display. The right side will display the total win amount generated from the free spins.

    · The stake and number of lines selected in the game that triggered the free plays will be used for the duration of the free play period.

    · Free spins uses a different reel set to normal play.

    · Free spins do not count in the countdown of auto spins; when free spins start auto spins are cancelled.

    · If you get 3 or more further scatter icons during your free spin play you will be awarded a random amount of additional free spins.

    Wild Icon Bonus

    For a standard icon line win, you need at least 3 consecutive icons appearing from left to right on an activated win line (except the scatter and Jackpot icons). 

    A wild icon will substitute for any standard icon (except the Jackpot, scatter or feature icons) to make the best win possible. In addition to this, the wild icon has a random multiplier value attached (X2, X5 or X10) which is revealed during the wild card animation. 

    This means that a win containing a X5 wild icon would pay 5 times the standard paytable value for the win. 

    Note that the wild Icon will substitute for a feature Icon, but no win multiplier will be present as the feature icons trigger a mini game that wins in its own right.

    3.1 The Gamble feature

    With any win, you will be offered the opportunity to gamble it. With the gamble feature you can either double or quadruple a win if you correctly guess the colour or suit of the next card to be revealed respectively. The gamble feature will be offered on the total amount of winnings achieved in a single cash spin/play. This means that if you get Line wins, free-spins and a Special Feature game in a single spin; each will be played out in turn; then gamble will be offered on the total amount won in the cash spin/play. 

    If you select gamble then your total winnings from the last spin are deducted from your balance and taken into the gamble game.

    You now have 3 options:

    Select/click one of the 4 suit buttons (which pay X4). A single card will be drawn. If you are correct, the current win will be multiplied by X4. If you are incorrect, you lose the win.

    Select/click one of the 2 suit colour buttons, Red (Diamonds/Hearts) or Black (Spades/Clubs), which pay X2. If you are correct, the current win will be multiplied by X2. If you are incorrect, you lose the win.

    Any winnings will only be displayed in the gamble game (and not in the topbar) until the user presses collect.

    You may click the collect button at any time during the gamble feature to collect the win.

    If the user selects collect then the gamble game is closed and any winnings are displayed in the paid field of the topbar and added to the users balance.

    Note that if you lose a gamble, you will win nothing.

    Progressive Jackpot

    The progressive Jackpot is available in real play only and consists of a fixed minimum amount which gradually increases by a percentage of funds inputted into the game until it is won. When the jackpot is won, it is reset to the "seed" amount and begins to rise again. The progressive Jackpot icon is connected to 3 progressive jackpots. Which progressive jackpot is won depends upon, depends on the number of consecutive icons (paying left to right only - no wild card substitution). Progressive Jackpots are available in real play only; each individual current Jackpot total is displayed above the talk-back panel.

    To qualify for the progressive jackpot you will need to stake a minimum of 10p per played line - Progressive Jackpots can only be won once per spin.

    · Mini=3 consecutive Icons (paying left to right only)

    · Midi=4 consecutive Icons (paying left to right only)

    · Maxi=5 consecutive Icons (paying left to right only)

    The Wild card Icon will not substitute for a Progressive icon.

    The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is 94.05% when playing at progressive bet levels and with optimal strategy for the bonus. This RTP represents the long-term expected payback of the game which has been calculated by an independent testing company in accordance with AGCC regulations. 

    Progressive Jackpot

    • Progressive jackpots consists of a fixed minimum amount (start-up seed) which gradually increases by a percentage of funds (contributions) inputted into the game until it is won. When a jackpot is won, it is reset to the seed amount and begins to rise again.
    • The progressive jackpots are initially funded by a £100 / £1,000 / £10,000 start-up seed value. This is topped up by contributions of 1% from stakes on the game and there is no ceiling value.
    • The game's total return to player, including the progressive jackpot, is 94.05%.
    • The progressive jackpot is available in "real play" only. The progressive jackpot is available in "real play" only. There are eligibility requirements for the progressive jackpot:
    • To qualify for the progressive jackpot you must play at a stake level of at least £0.10
    • The progressive jackpot is determined via progressive jackpot icons on win lines, more details on this can be found in the How to Play section above.  Jackpot prizes can occur after any spin with the chances of winning increasing/decreasing proportionally to the bet size.
    • Jackpot prizes are awarded via bank transfer following confirmation with the games supplier and necessary identity and payment verification.
    • When two or more players appear to simultaneously trigger the jackpot, the first player will be awarded the jackpot and the others will receive a message warning them that the jackpot was won by another player. The current play is cancelled and the player will have the opportunity to play again after being informed of the new jackpot values.

    Malfunction Voids all Pays & Plays.


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