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    How to Play

    Set Your Stake

    • The player can choose their stake by pressing the cog icon above the spin button. This will open an interface for adjustments of the Stake.
    • Stake 1 (0.20 at 1 unit per line) = Economy Class (86% RTP).
    • Stake 2 (0.50 at 2.5 units per line) = Frequent Flyer (88% RTP).
    • Stake 3 (1.00 at 5 units per line) = Premium Class (92% RTP).
    • Stake 4 (2.00 to 100.00 at 10 to 500 units per line) = Business Class (95% RTP).
    • Stake 5 Upper Class (Not available direct) Can only be awarded via Business Class Upgrade.
    • Max bet = £100 (20 win lines at £5 per line).
    • On all stakes, the 5 th reel contains an ‘Upgrade’ symbol. If this lands in view on the 5th reel, the player gets a free spin at the upgraded level. During an upgrade, you may get another upgrade so it’s possible to play ‘Upper Class’ reels from stake 1.

    Auto Play

    Using the Auto Play configurator allows the player to specify the Number of Plays, Loss Limit and Single Win Limit in accordance to UKGC guidelines.

    Upgrade Feature

    • Once an upgrade has been awarded the player gets a free spin with higher awards based on the players’ new stake. Each further upgrade awards an extra free spin. This includes all wins and bonuses achieved on the upgrade.
    • If the player receives an upgrade while playing ‘Business Class’ reels (2.00-100.00), the player is awarded ‘Upper Class’. This is a sequence of 5 free spins where any wilds achieved will hold over for the duration of these spins. Overall this bonus should pay an average of 15 x current stake.

    Bonus - In a Spin

    • If the player gets 3 or more ‘In a Spin’ symbols in view on the reels, the player gets to spin a segmented cash turbine wheel.
    • If this spinning turbine wheel lands on ‘?’ position, the player wins a mystery prize.
    • If 3 of a kind is won, there will be 1 ‘?’ on the turbine wheel. 4 of a kind will result in 2 x ‘?’s, and 5 of a kind will result in 3 x ‘?’s appearing on the turbine wheel.
    • The turbine wheel values in play are as follows based on 3, 4 or 5 symbols achieved.

    Turbine Wheel Values

    3 of a kind: ? , 120, 52, 32, 12, 100, 48, 80, 8, 140, 200, 44, 60, 500, 28, 40, 16, 300, 24, 20, 36

    4 of a kind: ?? , 52, 500, 44, 48, 120, 52, 48, 300, 40, 52, 100, 44, ??, 100, 200, 40, 60, 80, 140, 80

    5 of a kind: ???, 60, 500, 80, 100, 120, 80, 60, ???, 500, 100, 300, 300, ???, 120, 200, 200, 80, 60, 140, 100

    • All wins pay x total bet.
    • If the player wheel selector lands on ‘?’, then the player is awarded the mystery bonus.
    • The mystery bonus is presented as an altimeter. The needle of the altimeter will rapidly climb up, then stall at a value. The altimeter needle will then climb and count up again. This will continue until the needle on the altimeter stops. This will pay a value from 50x bet up to 500x bet.


    • The player can access the gamble feature options from within the setting button displayed as a cog above the Spin button.
    • The player has a choice of gamble options: ‘Off’ - this is the preset mode, ‘On’ and ‘Above 5 x stake’. These can be set by toggling the gamble button which will display the mode currently in play.
    • All wins can be gambled on the double or nothing wheel. This is a x2 or lose gamble. The player may part collect some of their win and gamble the remaining amount, or collect the entire amount of their winnings.

    Secondary Bonuses

    • Any game can trigger a ‘secondary bonus’. In the background behind the reels, there is a carousel of bags slowly revolving. Occasionally the carousel will stop and the lights will flash. 3 suitcases will then appear within the reels, where upon the player is prompted to pick one. The suitcase picked is revealed along with the others to show the outcome. This event will consist of the following:

    Mile High Club

    • This will spin the reels to a win that is x10+ the stake (50% of all x10+ prizes awarded this way).

    Mega Win

    • This will spin the reels to a win of x50+ the stake (75% of all 50x + wins delivered this way).

    5 of a Kind

    • This will spin the reels to award a 5 of a kind win (50% of all 5 of a Kind prizes awarded this way).

    In a Spin

    • When this is revealed, the bonus feature is awarded (50% of all ‘In a Spins’ delivered this way).


    • When this is revealed, the reels will spin ensuring a upgrade symbol appears on reel 5. This will award a free spin on the next class.


    • The resulting spin will be at least 4 winning lines (30% of combination wins are delivered this way).


    • Selecting the ‘Settings’ cog button will open a dialogue panel from which the player can access the bet slider to alter the stake and the gamble options.
    • Selecting the ‘?’ button below the Spin button will open the paytable information containing the game rules, information regarding payouts and winline information.
    • Once within the paytable, the player can tap the arrows left and right to access all the game information pages. clicking the ‘X’ button will return to the main game interface.


    • Only the highest win per bet line is paid.
    • Bet line wins will pay from leftmost reel to rightmost reel.
    • Adjustment of the stake slider will dynamically alter the awards in the paytable.

    Game Rules

    Game Recovery

    • In the event of a game in real play being interrupted (i.e. started but not completed due to connectivity issues or accidentally closing the browser etc), depending on the previous state of the game, it will either resume from the point of the last spin or display the outcome of the interrupted game.
    • Any winnings will be correctly credited to the player account and will be exact according to the result prior to the game being interrupted.

    Terms and Conditions

    General Information

    • This game has a theoretical Return to Player ranging from 86% to 95% based on the players’ chosen stake.
    • System malfunction voids all pays and all plays.
    • Due to high production values of this game, lower-tier hardware my run into compatibility issues, and in particular instances you will not be able to play.


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    • Unauthorised copying of any images, icons, layout, or content by any means is not permitted.
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