• Jackpots of Goo

    Any spin could be oozing with a big win!

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    How to Play

    Jackpots of Goo is a chain reactor game with a five stage trail consisting of four Reactor Grid modifiers and a Multiplier Wheel. Instead of spinning reels, different coloured jars of Goo drop down on a 4 x 5 grid and 5 or more adjacent jars of the same colour (or combined with one or more Wild Goo jars) create a win. The rest of the jars cascade down and the whole process repeats until there are no more wins.

    Every time a win is found on the grid, the trail is incremented by one. The trail increases by one for every subsequent successful cascade on the grid. If there are no new wins on the grid, then the Reactor Grid Modifier at the current trail position will be executed and the trail position will reduce by one. If the modifier creates a new win, the trail position will increase by one again.

    Reaching the top of the trail unlocks the Slime Wheel which grants one spin of a multiplier wheel with a chance to win x2, x3, x5 or x10 your winnings from the Reactor cascade!

    Set your stake
    Click the TOTAL BET panel to select you stake. Click the 'INFO' button to view the cluster payouts for each Jackpots of Goo Jar symbol at the currently selected stake.

    Start the game
    Click 'PLAY' to start your game. There is an optional auto play function that, if selected, will start each game automatically. To select auto play click the 'AUTO PLAY' button. Then in the pop-up dialogue, select your desired number of auto plays and the criteria that will automatically end your auto play session. Your auto play session can be stopped at any time by clicking the 'STOP AUTO PLAY' button which will appear where the 'AUTO PLAY' button was previously.

    Game Rules

    Cluster wins and bonus wins
    To win you must match 5 or more adjacent jars. Coinciding wins of different jars are added. Click the 'INFO' button to view examples of cluster wins.

    Vat of Goo
    A Vat of Goo symbol is a special symbol covering a 2x2 space. It replaces four smaller symbols of the same colour.

    Wild symbol
    The Wild Goo Jar symbol is wild, and substitutes for any symbol. The wild symbol creates wins only in combination with other non-wild jars.

    Reactor Grid Modifier Trail
    For every drop, cascade, or modifier that results in a win, the trail position increases by one. For every drop, cascade, or modifier that does not result in a win, the modifier at the current trail position will be activated. If there are no more wins while the trail is inactive, there will be no more wins added to the total for that credit. If the Slime Wheel was activated in the current play, the current winnings will be multiplied by a value from the Slime Wheel before the game ends. Otherwise, the game will end immediately.

    Crackpots is the 1st step on the trail. A random column of pots will all crack and shatter at once, dropping in four new random pots in an attempt to create a win for the player.

    Shelf Life
    Shelf Life is the 2nd step on the trail. One row of pots will shatter, any pots above will drop down, and a new shelf of pots will appear at the top.

    Vats of Goo
    Vats of Goo is the 3rd step on the trail. One of the currently displayed symbols will expand into a giant Vat of Goo covering a 2x2 space. Any wins are then calculated with the new Vat in place.

    Goo Wild
    Goo Wild is the 4th step on the trail. A random number of splats of Goo will be thrown onto the reels, covering any pots they hit with Goo. Any jar symbols they hit will turn wild.

    Slime Wheel
    The Slime Wheel is unlocked if the player gets to the top (5th) step of the trail during a winning cascade. The Slime Wheel Bonus itself is not triggered until the trail has returned to zero, then the game takes the player to the Slime Wheel Bonus. The player gets one spin of the Slime Wheel, with a chance of landing on either a x2, x3, x5 or x10 multiplier! This multiplier is applied to the total winnings from the current game cycle.

    After the winnings are paid, the player returns to the grid game screen. The Slime wheel is now locked again at the top of the Reactor Grid Modifier Trail, and has to be unlocked before it can be accessed again.

    Terms and Conditions

    Game recovery
    In the event of a game in real play being interrupted (i.e. started but not completed due to connectivity issues or accidentally closing the browser etc.), any winnings will be correctly credited to your account and will be exact according to the result prior to the game being interrupted.

    General information

    • The maximum win on any transaction including the results from any bonus, plus the outcome which launched the bonus is capped at 250,000.
    • This game has an average Return to Player (RTP) of 95.52%.
    • Awards are shown in currency.
    • Unresolved bets placed, but remaining undecided, in incomplete games will become void after 90 days and will be forfeited to charity.
    • System malfunction voids all pays and plays.

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