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    Win additional spins and bonuses!

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    Double Bonus Spin Roulette gives you all of the classic Roulette game play with an added twist - a super-wide yellow bonus well that offers the chance to earn extra wheel spins, and extra riches. 

    Roulette, the most popular casino game in Europe, allows you to select your level of risk and reward. Try to predict a specific number for a very big award. Reduce your risk by betting on several numbers, either with separate wagers, or with a wager that covers multiple numbers. Or bet somewhere in the middle, and play even-money payout wagers where you try to spot trends between red or black, odd or even, high or low. 

    The wheel in Double Bonus Spin Roulette features an additional yellow well that is 1½ times as wide as the standard wells. If the ball lands on the yellow well, you get two free bonus spins. If you have a wager on yellow when the ball lands in the yellow well, in addition to getting two free bonus spins, you also get an instant bonus award and the chance for a huge payout!


    Example game play screens

    How to Play

    To play, begin by selecting a chip value from the game controls. Each chip value represents a number of credits, each in the denomination that you selected when you launched the game. 

    After you have selected a chip value, you may place wagers on the table. As you move your mouse across the number board, you will see the payback ratios for the bet opportunities that you are moving over displayed in a window at the top of the game screen. 

    To place a wager, left-click the mouse on the chosen wager spot. Each click will add another chip of the selected value to the stack. The total bet for the wager on that spot will be displayed on the top chip of the stack, as well as in the window that displays the payback ratio. 

    To remove a wager from a spot, you may press SHIFT on the keyboard while left clicking the mouse. If you want to remove all wagers from the board, you may do so by clicking the CLEARbutton. 

    If you wish to repeat your last wager after completing a game, and have sufficient credits to do so, click the REBET button. This restores your previous wagers. If you wish, you can adjust any wager. You still need to click the SPIN button to initiate play. 

    The DOUBLE BET button doubles your current wager every time you click it. If doubling your current wager would cause a bet limit to be exceeded, then the DOUBLE BET button will not be available. If you click the DOUBLE BET button when no wager is yet placed, this is equivalent to first clicking the REBET button and then the DOUBLE BET button and will place wager(s) twice as large as your prior wager(s). You still need to click the SPINbutton to initiate play.

    Double Bonus Spin

    If the ball lands in the yellow well, all of your wagers stand and you qualify for the free Double Bonus Spin. In the Double Bonus Spin, two blue lights appear on the wheel. When you click theBONUS SPIN button, both blue lights rotate around the wheel and each will stop next to a well on the wheel. If a blue light stops on a well corresponding to a standing wager, you win on that wager. The blue lights are independent so they can both produce winners for you. 

    If you have a wager on yellow when the ball lands on the yellow well, you immediately earn an instant payout in addition to the free Double Bonus Spin. If during the Double Bonus Spin, one of the blue lights lands on the yellow well, you earn a big payout! If both blue lights land on the yellow well, you earn a huge payout!! 

    The two blue lights in the Double Bonus Spin are truly independent - the landing of one blue light has no affect on the landing of the other blue light. 

    The yellow well is 1½ times the width of a standard well and is therefore 1½ times as likely to catch a ball or blue light!


    Malfunction voids all pays and play. 

    Awards are shown in credits. 

    Minimum and maximum table limits are shown in currency. 

    The yellow well is 1½ times the width of a standard well and is therefore 1½ times as likely to catch a ball or a Double Bonus Spin blue light. 

    If both blue lights land on the yellow well only the highest bonus award is paid.

    The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is 98.06%. This RTP represents the long-term expected payback of the game which has been calculated by an independent testing company.

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