• Adventures in Wonderland

    Join Alice's Tea party to win big!

    Game Info

    Chase the White Rabbit into Alice’s Wonderland through the spin of 5 reels in this enchanting slot machine.  Play Alice’s Wonderland with anything from 1p to £10 on your choice of up to 20 winning lines, and pay attention to the Bonus features that appear through the looking glass.

    In Alice’s Wonderland, The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party bonus begins with the appearance of 3 or more Mad Hatter Scatter Symbols.  Choose to have Tea with Alice, Dormouse, March Hare or Mad Hatter, and see how long they take to drink their tea, the longer the better!  Make sure you check who has sugar in their Tea when you play Alice’s Wonderland, as this signals a win of the progressive jackpot.

    The White Rabbit Bonus in Alice’s Wonderland begins when you see 3 White Rabbit Scatter Symbols.  First the White Rabbits clock offers up to 20 free spins, then watch as the Rabbit runs across the reels, revealing new wild symbols that can create extra wins.

    When you play Alice’s Wonderland pay special attention to the middle reel, as the one and only Rabbit Hole Symbol can appear there, expanding to fill the whole reel as Alice falls down the Rabbit Hole, collecting cash prizes. 


    Congratulations to Linda from Hampshire who won £476,231.13 in August 2012 after triggering the Mad Hatters Tea Party bonus round and seeing the spoonful of sugar appear! Debbie Mangan also won £460,134.23 from a £1 spin in September 2011 playing Adventures in Wonderland! Could you be the next big winner?”

    How to Play

    Choosing your stake

    Choose the stake you wish to wager in each line. Next, select the lines you wish to wager on. There are a total of 20 lines. You can bet in your currency from 0.05 to 10.00 on each win line.

    Click the stake/line ‘up arrow' and ‘down arrow‘ buttons to increase or decrease the size of your stake per line. Also, click the Lines ‘Up' and ‘Down‘ arrows to select the number of lines you wish to play.

    Once you have selected your stake per winline and the number of lines you want to play, click on the SPIN button to start the game.

    Bonus Rounds

    Tea Party Bonus

    The Mad Hatter's Tea Party bonus game is a special bonus win triggered by getting 3, 4 or 5 Mad Hatter scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. There are 4 characters at the tea party (Alice, March Hare, Dormouse and Mad Hatter) You then select one of these characters to have a cup of tea with. The longer that character takes to drink his tea the more jackpot you receive. Once that character has finished, it's time to pick your next drinking partner. Continue until all 4 characters have drunk their tea. The total amount will then be added to your total.

    If one of the characters has sugar added to their tea before drinking it then you win the progressive. This will be shown by the tea spoon moving from the sugar pot to the player's cup and stirring the tea in. The bonus will then continue as normal and the progressive winnings will be shown at the end. Once one of the characters has had some sugar then it is unavailable for the other characters (the progressive jackpot can not be won twice in the same go)

    White Rabbit Bonus Round

    If the player gets 3 of the White Rabbit scatter symbols, it will then trigger the Peel Wilds and Free spins Bonus. These symbols only appear on reels 2, 4 and 5, so it is not possible for the player to get more than 3 of these symbols.

    An animated rabbit will appear in the fore ground (in front of the reels) from the side of the screen. He'll present his pocket watch to the player so that this is clear and large in the view.
    On the pocket watch will be numbers 1 to 12. Two hands will be on the clock but the big one will be much more prominent. It will spin quickly around the watch and stop on a number. The big hand will spin an arbitrary number of times (2-5) adding to the number of free-spins awarded each time.

    The maximum number of freespins that can be awarded is 20

    The rabbit will then put his pocket watch away and zoom back to a smaller size (to that of a reel symbol). He will then proceed to jump randomly across the reels; each symbol he lands on will shatter to reveal a wild (3-5 peel off wilds). These wilds will remain in place in front of the reels for all the free-spins and be used instead of whatever symbol would be in that position on the reels, and so increase the chance of getting wins.

    Note: while in freespins the reel bandings used are not the same as those in normal play- There are no scatter symbols or wild symbol and so the bonus rounds (and extra freespins) cannot be triggered.

    The win amounts while in free spins are all the same as in normal play (wins are not doubled or anything).

    Rabbit Hole In-reel Bonus

    There is only one Rabbit hole symbol on the reels and that is in the middle reel. If the Rabbit hole symbol is shown at all then another random number will be generated by the server, This number is between 1 and 15 and is to determine if the Rabbit Hole should be shown or not. If this number is 1 then the rabbit hole should be shown, if not then symbol ID 0 (the Ten symbol) should be shown in that position instead. This is to ensure that the chance of getting the Rabbit Hole anywhere on the reels is about 1 in 160 without needing to have a 500 long reel for the middle reel.

    If the player gets that symbol on any of the 3 positions in view in the middle reel then the symbol will expand to fill the whole reel and play the in-reel feature.

    In this feature Alice is seen falling down the rabbit hole for a predetermined period of time. She collects a number of small cash prizes along the way The feature ends when Alice lands at the bottom of the hole, the total winnings collected are then shown and added to the player's balance.


    Play 1 to 20 lines.

    Payouts are made according to the Paytable.

    Payline wins are multiplied by the amount staked per payline.

    Scatter wins are multiplied by the total amount staked.

    Scatter wins are added to payline wins.

    Highest win only on each selected payline.

    Coinciding wins on different paylines are added.

    System malfunction voids all pays.

    Should you get disconnected during play we strongly recommend that on reconnection you re-launch the game and ensure any outstanding transactions are completed. Sky Vegas checks periodically and where incomplete transactions are found those games are terminated and any monies owed are returned to the player.

    This game is regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is 92.9%. This RTP represents the long-term expected payback of the game which has been calculated by an independent testing company in accordance with AGCC regulations.

    Malfunction Voids all Pays & Plays.

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