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The chances are that you have never visited a virtual racetrack let alone placed a bet on one of their horses or even learnt how to play. If that’s the case then you’re missing out on one of the most enjoyable casino games around.

Sky Vegas’ Virtual Horses brings you all the thrills and spills of the best meets from the comfort of your computer with their on-demand race game. And it couldn’t be easier to play. Simply select your horse, decide your stake then get the race under starter’s orders before cheering your pick home – hopefully in front of the chasing pack.

The odds for each horse are displayed alongside their name and you place a bet the same way you would on a normal race. You have eight thoroughbreds to choose from with differing starting prices and you can either back them to win or place. However, if you go each way then your horse must finish in the top three.

You can also place forecast bets on Virtual Horses by pressing the forecast bets button. This will take you to a second screen where you can predict the horses that you think will finish first and second. Once again the odds for your selections will be displayed next to your picks.

Like most other casino games your stake takes the form of casino chips. To place a bet simply select the chips required and place your bet. Once you are happy with your bet click the start race button you will be taken to the track


How to play

Available Bets:


The odds will change in the Odds column depending if you choose the Win or Place bet - Your Horse must come 1st if you choose a win bet or finish in the top 3 if you choose a place bet.


The Forecast bets are displayed on a secondary screen once you press the forecast bets button; these bets are a prediction of how the horses will finish in first and second place. For example 3x4 predicts that horse 3 will come first and horse 4 will come second. The odds for these selections are displayed next to each selection.

How to bet:

Choose your preferred stake denomination from the available chips at the bottom left of the main screen. Once you have your chosen stake simply click on the bet/s of your choice and press Start Race to begin.


The player has the option of playing the game in Autobet mode. In Autobet mode, the player has the option of placing the same bet(s) up to 10 times automatically one after the other. After each result, the player has the option to stop Autobet mode. If the "Stop" button is clicked, all bets are cleared ready for the user to make a new selection.

Turbo Mode:

The player has the option of playing the game in Turbo mode. In Turbo mode, the result as shown by the photo finish will be displayed immediately after "Bet Now" has been pressed. The actual race will not be shown.

In race Information:


Skip will skip to the end of the race and show you a photo finish with the result.

Bet Slip

On the right hand side of the race widow a list will appear showing the bets you have placed on the current race, if this bar is full a scroll bar will appear on the right hand side to allow you to see more of your bets.

The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is 90.469%. This RTP represents the long-term expected payback of the game which has been calculated by an independent testing company.


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