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  • 10 Hands Jacks Or Better 10 Hands Jacks Or Better
  • 10 Hands Jacks Or Better 10 Hands Jacks Or Better
  • 10 Hands Jacks Or Better 10 Hands Jacks Or Better

10 Hands Jacks or Better is a great online casino table game that mixes skill with fortune.

This online table game is an adaptation on the basics of Texas Hold’em poker. You are dealt five cards and can choose to hold the ones that you want to keep. You are then dealt cards in all of your 10 cards and are paid out on the strength of each hand.

The game is potentially very rewarding as you will get a payout on each hand if you get dealt a pair of jacks or better. 

The game has a cool gamble feature where you can keep doubling up your winnings by playing hi-lo with random cards, so you can potentially win very big on this game.

The minimum stake per game is just 10p so you can play 10 Hands Jacks or Better for a bit of fun, or get serious and bet up to a massive £500 per game.


How to play


1. To begin a game, a stake amount must be selected. The stake bet is compulsory and starts play. To select the stake amount, click on the green plus and minus keys at the bottom left of the screen until you reach the desired stake amount. Note: 

The amount of stake you set will be multiplied by the amount of hands in the game; in this case 10. The total stake window (to the right of the stake selectors) always shows the total amount staked.

2. The bet max button: If you select the bet max button, the maximum stake allowed in the game will be divided between the number of hands playable in the game. 

 Example: Maximum stake (£500) divided by the number of hands playable (10) = 10 hands staking £50 each hand - £500 in total.

3.  Click on the Deal button to confirm your bet and turn over the first 5 cards on the main hand of the ten hands you are playing. The main hand is larger than the others and is the hand that is used as the "control panel" for the others. 

4. At this stage you should decide whether you wish to hold or discard each of the cards in the main hand. You have one opportunity to exchange weak cards in the main hand (and consequently in the other hands) for new cards, which are drawn at random. The cards will be regarded as "to be discarded and replaced" unless they are selected by clicking the hold button under the card.

5. If you hold a card, you will see that the exact card will be mirrored and held in all ten hands being played. This means that if you hold all five cards  (because you have been dealt a flush for example); you will have ten identical hands in the result of that game. 

6. If you do not hold a particular card in the main hand; different random cards will be drawn for each of the 10 hands in the same position as the card in the main hand. 

Note: There is an Auto hold feature which automatically holds cards that will guarantee a win; click on the card again to de-select it if you wish.

7. Now click the Deal button for a second time. This will remove the cards you did not hold and provide you with substitute cards for all hands at random. 

8. The cards you have now are your final hands. Based on the strength of each of your hands, you will either qualify for a payout based on the paytable shown, or you will lose your stake for that particular hand. The winnings from all of your hands (if any) will be added together to make a Total win amount for the game. You now have the option to collect the winnings (which will be credited immediately to your account), or gamble it double or nothing at the turn of a card.  

9. If any of your hands have qualified for a payout you are now able to stake that payout on the turn of a card, click the gamble button to proceed or select the collect button to collect your winnings and return to start another game. 

10. To gamble a win: If you choose to play on, and try to ‘double' your winnings, one card will be drawn ‘face up' and four further cards ‘face down', the object is to choose a face down card with a higher value than the card shown face up:

11.  Select one of the four cards face down by clicking on it (or the high? button underneath it) and the dealer will deal the cards. If the card that you chose is higher you will double your winnings. If the card drawn is lower you will lose your winnings and your stake. Note: If the resulting card is of the same value as the face up card - the winning card will be determined by suit: spades (high/top), clubs, hearts, diamonds -Lowest/bottom)

12.  Please note - the face up card and four face down cards are drawn at random as if it was a real deck of cards.  Due to this there is a possibility that the face up card is higher in rank than the 4 other cards resulting in a losing gamble as much as there is a possibility that this card is lower than the 4 other cards ensuring a win.

Game rules

The player bets against the house dealer

The player must play the stake bet to start the game

The players hand must have a qualifying set of cards to earn a payout

Bet payout on the stake is displayed on screen

Max Payout is £250,000

The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is 99.48%. This RTP represents the long-term expected payback of the game which has been calculated by an independent testing company. 

Malfunction Voids all pays and plays



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