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Wanted Dead or Alive II

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  • Wanted Dead or Alive II Wanted Dead or Alive II
  • Wanted Dead or Alive II Wanted Dead or Alive II
  • Wanted Dead or Alive II Wanted Dead or Alive II

Gold Rush Showdown is a five-reel 20-line slot game with a Wild West theme. There's a big-money progressive jackpot in the Showdown bonus round, an in-reel shoot-the-bandit Gunfight bonus, and a scatter symbol giving access to the additional Gold Prospector bonus game

How to play

Set the stakes you want to wager per line using the Stake Up and Stake Down buttons. This can be anywhere between 5p and £10 per line.

After setting the stakes, you can then alter the number of lines you want to play using the SELECT LINES button. You can choose between 1 and 20 lines in total, and your TOTAL STAKE box will show how much is wagered. This is calculated with your stake per line multiplied by the number of lines.

To find how much you can win, click on the PAYTABLE button in the bottom left corner. This shows the potential winnings for each reel combination, scatters, and bonuses.

When you're happy with the stakes wagered and lines to play, press the PLAY button to start the game. If you want, you can also use the AUTOPLAY button to spin up to 25 times automatically, one after another. If you want to spot AUTOPLAY, simply press the STOP AUTOPLAY button.


Showdown Bonus Game & Progressive Jackpot

The Showdown bonus game is triggered by the Cowboy (Billy The Quid) appearing anywhere on the left reel and the Bandit King appearing anywhere on the right reel. There is no line win attached to this Showdown scatter win - only entry to the bonus game, which itself guarantees a bonus win. This is also the game where you could win the Progressive Jackpot on offer.

When the game enters the bonus round, the scene is outside a saloon in a Wild West town. Shoot as many bandits as you can in this game and win a cash reward for each bandit you shoot. You have two options here - you can either play the game yourself in 'Manual Fire' mode, where you must click on the screen wherever the bandits appear in order to take them out, or play in 'Auto Fire' mode, where Billy The Quid will do the shooting for you.

To play in 'Manual Fire' mode, click on the 'Manual Fire' button to enter the game. Each time a bandit runs across the screen, appears at a window inside the saloon or pops up to take a pop at you from any other hiding place, you must click anywhere on the bandit's body to shoot him. For each bandit you shoot, an award will be displayed in the bottom left of the screen.

You have unlimited bullets, but only 6 bullets available at a time, after which the game will automatically re-load your pistol for you. You cannot fire while it is re-loading. See how many bandits you can shoot before the Bandit King shows up and challenges you to a showdown. How long he takes to appear will vary from game to game.

To play in 'Auto Fire' mode, press the 'Auto Fire' button, and just sit back and watch as Billy The Quid tries his best to get as many bandits as he can - but remember even Billy will not hit them all.

In the event of the jackpot being won, other players playing the game simultaneously will be informed of the new jackpot value and offered the option to void the present bet. This is only relevant if the other players start the game within 1 second of the jackpot being won.

Gamble Win

After any win, you have the chance to play the Gamble Win. The 'Gamble Win' button will light up each time you win, giving you the option to play a gamble game. Press the flashing 'Gamble Win' button to enter the game.

Winnings from the previous spin are gambled (if you are playing Gamble Win after winning in one or more bonus games, these winnings are gambled too). Depending on if you win or lose your account balance will be updated automatically.

In the gamble game, you choose what the next card drawn will be - red or black, or which specific suit. You may only place one bet.

Press the appropriate button for the bet you wish to make. The card is then turned over.
If you guessed correctly, your winnings are doubled for red/black bets and quadrupled for specific suit bets. If you guessed incorrectly, your winnings total will return to 0.00 and after a few seconds the screen will return to the normal game screen.

If you change your mind at any stage, you can still press 'Collect' to collect all your winnings and return to the main game, or 'Collect Half' to collect half of your winnings and gamble the remaining half.

If you win, you may repeat the gamble on the next card (and then subsequent cards) or you may collect all or half your winnings. You can continue playing the Gamble Win game until your potential winnings exceed the maximum win limit. You can keep collecting half until your balance is less than double the minimum stake level. After that you must either bet or collect all.

You will be able to play the Gamble Win game and gamble your bonus winnings if you have just won on any bonus round, but you cannot play Gamble Win after winning the Progressive Jackpot.

Please note - the gamble functionality will be unavailable during auto spin mode

Gold Prospector Bonus Game

If 3, 4 or 5 Gold Prospector symbols appear as a scatter on the reels, you will enter the Gold Prospector bonus game. According to whether you had 3, 4 or 5 symbols, you will get 3, 4 or 5 attempts to find gold.

The number of attempts you have left will be displayed at the bottom of the screen throughout the game.

A map will be unrolled on the screen and you must select a square on the map grid where you want the Gold Prospector to dig for gold. He will dig in that square, and you will receive an award if that square contains gold nuggets. If you just find rocks, you win nothing for that attempt.

Once you have used up all your attempts at digging for gold, the game will display a summary of your winnings and any awards will be credited to your account. The game will then return to the reels.

Gunfight Bonus Game

The In-reels Gunfight Bonus game is a special bonus win triggered by the Cowboy appearing anywhere on the left reel and a bandit appearing anywhere on any other reel.

The game is played automatically on the reels - watch as Billy The Quid attempts to shoot each bandit on the reels, and win a reward for each bandit he hits.

If you win, your winnings will be credited to your account as soon as the reward is displayed on screen.


All line pay symbols must appear on a played line and on consecutive reels, beginning with the far left reel.

Only highest winner paid on each winline.

Only one award paid per winline.

Line wins are multiplied by the stake bet on the winning line.

Coinciding wins on different winlines are added.

Should you get disconnected during play we strongly recommend that on reconnection you re-launch the game and ensure any outstanding transactions are completed. Sky Vegas checks periodically and where incomplete transactions are found those games are terminated and any monies owed are returned to the player.

The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is 96.09%. This RTP represents the long-term expected payback of the game which has been calculated by an independent testing company.

Malfunction voids all pays & plays.



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