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  • Dungeons and Dragons Dungeons and Dragons
  • Dungeons and Dragons Dungeons and Dragons

Go on a quest for immense riches within our world of bold warriors, ancient fortresses and challenging monsters. Take on the role of a legendary hero and test yourself against 20 tantalizing lines of slot action.

Three or more Bonus symbols unlock the gates into the Fortress of FortunesTM Bonus. Explore the Fortress Dungeon in search of free spins and multipliers. The throw of a 20-sided die decides whether or not you vanquish the monsters blocking your path to greater riches. Make your way to the Dragon's Cave for the chance to earn an additional 4x multiplier.

Complete your quest by redeeming your spoils in the Fortress Free SpinsTM. The free spins reels are vastly enriched with numerous Stacked Wilds®. The bonus paytable is enchanted with extra ways to win. The top award is boosted to 10,000 per line bet or a whopping max-bet treasure trove of 50,000 credits! Line up bonus Stacked Wilds and reap the rewards of multiple top awards. And if you earned any of the 20x worth of multipliers from within the Dungeon, you'll reap staggering riches.

How to play

Choosing your stake

Dungeons & Dragons: Fortress of Fortunes has 20 paylines, with the option of betting 1-5 credits on each payline.

The current bet per line is displayed in the LINE BET meter. Click the left arrow (-) to decrease bet per line. Click the right arrow (+) to increase bet per line.

Click the MAX BET button to bet the maximum, which is 5 credits per payline. MAX BET is only available for 100 credits and above.

Click the PLAY button to spin the reels. When PLAY is pressed, the number shown on the PLAY button is the number of credits bet.

Use the LINES control to change the number of active paylines. The LINES box displays the current number of paylines selected. Click the left arrow (-) to decrease the number of paylines. Click the right arrow (+) to increase the number of paylines. The number of available paylines: 1, 5, 10, 15 or 20 paylines.

LINE BET or LINES may alternatively be selected by directly clicking the corresponding bar within the LINE BET or LINES meter.

Bonus Round
Get a Bonus symbol on three or more reels to enter the Fortress of FortunesTM Bonus.

You enter the bonus with an award multiplier and a number of free spins based upon the number of initiating Bonus symbols (see paytable for specifics). Before starting your actual free spins, try to earn additional free spins and multipliers in the Fortress Dungeon.

You start in the centre of the top level of the Fortress Dungeon. An icon of your selected hero marks your location.

A direction arrow is available at each doorway of your current chamber. Click an arrow to select a direction to move. An equivalent set of arrows can also be found in the compass rose in the lower right corner of the screen

When you enter a darkened dungeon chamber, you see and automatically engage the contents within.

Gold Chalice

Earn the listed number of additional free spins.

Treasure Chest
Earn the listed number of additional bonus multipliers.

Enchanted Weapon
Earn one additional strength point for your hero. The appearance of the enchantment varies with your choice of hero.

Come upon the start of a stairway and you descend to the next level. The chamber into which you arrive will show the bottom of the stairs, which are protected by a spell to keep you from going back up.

As the guardians of the treasure chests in the lower levels, monsters can shorten your exploration adventure. A battle ensues whenever you encounter a monster.

Prevail against a monster to grab its treasure and continue your exploration. If the chamber contains the start of a stairway, you descend to the next level after your treasure is collected.

If you vanquish the Dragon in the very deepest level, you earn an additional 4x multiplier and proceed to the Fortress Free Spins.

If you fail to vanquish a monster, it will cast a teleport spell against you, sending you to the Fortress Free Spins.

When you enter a chamber containing a monster, the perspective changes in preparation for battle. The initiative to attack first is automatically yours. To launch your attack, click the spinning die between the combatants or click the ROLL button in the lower right hand corner of the screen. For your attack to succeed, the sum of the final die value plus your hero's strength must be greater than or equal to the monster's strength. The hero's and monster's respective strength values are displayed next to each of them. The minimum die roll required is displayed just below the fighters.

The die is a standard "d20" - a twenty-sided die with all the values from 1 through 20 on its twenty equal-sized surfaces. This is a completely fair die so your success is only limited by your luck.

Monster strength increases the deeper into the dungeon you go.

Additional Dungeon Details
The dungeon contents and configuration are randomly determined prior to your arrival and do not subsequently change until the bonus is complete. The path you select determines the adventure you will have.

In the lower dungeon levels, there are usually two or more stairways from the level above. However, you will only ever see the bottom of the stairs you descend and never those of any of the other stairways.

The chamber below a stairway is always empty.

There are no centre room stairways.

Monsters do not inhabit the first level of the dungeon.

Monster strength increases the deeper you descend into the dungeon.

A monster in a centre chamber is stronger than any other monster on that level.

There is never more than one enchanted weapon per dungeon.

Each of the three heroes has the same odds of winning against the various monsters.

No monsters were injured or killed in the making of this game.

Fortress Free SpinsTM
When you arrive at the free spins round, you will get to play off all of your starting free spins plus any additional free spins you earned from your dungeon exploration. All bonus pays earned during a free spin are multiplied by your bonus multiplier.

Even with the lowest bonus multiplier, 1x, free spins are extremely rich.

Free spins are highly enriched by the addition of Stacked Wilds to every bonus reel. Similarly, the bonus paytable is significantly boosted at both ends.

All of the major symbols (D&D Logo, Hero, Castle, Dragon) have 2-symbol pays during free spins. At the other end of the award scale, the top award (Logo-Logo-Logo-Logo-Logo) pay is extraordinarily enhanced. With the greater number of Wilds on the free spins reels, you are that much more likely to earn a top award.

If you earned any additional multipliers from your dungeon exploration, these apply to all free spins line pays, including the top award! If three or more Bonus symbols appear during a free spin, the corresponding scatter pay award is likewise multiplied by your bonus multiplier. Three or more Bonus symbols also retrigger your bonus, awarding you additional free spins equal to the total number of free spins earned when the bonus was triggered plus the number of free spins accumulated from the dungeon (up to a maximum of 180 free spins in a single bonus round).

Your effective bet for these free spins is the same as the bet you placed when your bonus was initially triggered. Total bonus win is the sum of all awards won from your free spins. If your total win during a bonus round reaches or exceeds 250,000 currency units (e.g. Pounds, Euros, Dollars), then you directly win the max 250,000 currency units pay. When a max pay is awarded, the game ends, even if the max pay is awarded during a bonus round and you have not played out all your free spins.

With the Stacked Wilds, a boosted top award value and a potential bonus multiplier of 10x or larger, the Fortress of Fortunes Bonus offers the best chance yet to earn the max pay.


Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

All line pay symbols must appear on a played line and on consecutive reels, beginning with the far left reel.

All payline wins occur on bet lines only.

Only highest winner paid on each payline.

Only one award paid per payline.

Line win awards are multiplied by the total number of credits bet on the winning line.

Coinciding win awards on different paylines are added.

Scatter pay awards are added to any pay line awards.

Only highest winner paid on a Scatter pay.

Scatter pay awards are multiplied by the total bet.

Awards are shown in credits.

The maximum award on any transaction is capped at 250,000 currency units (pounds, for example). A transaction includes the results of free spins in bonus plus the outcome which launched the bonus.

The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is 94.50%. This RTP represents the long-term expected payback of the game which has been calculated by an independent testing company.


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