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Three reels, three chances to win playing Triple Chance Hi Lo at Sky Vegas online casino. Spin each reel and if your choice of higher or lower is correct, sweet victory! 

Use the up and down arrows to select your starting stake. As Triple Chance Hi Lo is one of the accumulator casino games, your potential winnings increase with every spin. During the same game your accumulated wins are used as your stake. Each reel has numbers ranging from 1 to 13. Just select a reel and decide if the next number will be higher or lower. Click the appropriate button to highlight your choice and let the reels spin! Not happy with your initial start out numbers? Press shuffle for a free spin, giving you a chance of better opening numbers. If you are unsure of how to play at any point, click the online casino help for guidance. 

Triple Chance Hi Lo lets you collect your money after any win. Continuing play in the same game will place your winnings on your next spin. Your initial bet will be on your first spin, your winnings placed on the next spin if chosen and so on until you either lose, or decide to collect your winnings. If you reveal the same number as previously, hence, neither higher nor lower, you lose. With three reels and three mega chances to win, Triple Chance Hi Lo is one of the most exciting online casino games on Sky Vegas.  


How to play

Don't like the numbers shown on the reels? - click Shuffle and keep your fingers crossed for better numbers to play with.

The three reels are numbered 1 to 13 and you play by choosing hi or lo on any reel. Predict correctly and your winnings will be paid - do you collect, or take one more lucky step to boost your cash pot?

If you like your online betting to be fast and furious, you won't have more fun than with Triple Hi-Lo.

Triple Hi-Lo features not one but three reels, to give you three chances to win with every spin! Simply decide which reel to play before each spin.

Use the up and down arrows to set your starting stake. When you are happy with your stake, click 'OK' and you're ready to play.

Triple Hi-Lo is an accumulator game. This means that you set an initial stake, then spin the reels. Further bets in the same game use your accumulated winnings as the stake, so your potential payout will grow with each spin.

Not happy with your starting numbers? Click 'shuffle' and you get a free spin of the reels before you start. You can shuffle up to three times before you start a new game.

Above and below each reel you will see the potential payout for Hi and Lo bets on that particular reel. These are listed below.

Now start playing! Simply choose a reel and decide whether the next number spun in will be higher or lower than the preceding one. Click the Hi or Lo arrow for that appropriate reel and let 'em spin! If you win, either collect your money by clicking collect, or spin again by choosing Hi or Lo on one of the new numbers.

Do remember - your initial stake will be bet on the first spin of the reels - and your winnings will be bet on the next spin and so on. You can build your winnings very quickly with some shrewd predictions, but one bad prediction will take you back down to zero! If the number spun in does not match your prediction, or is the same as the previous number, your game is over and you lose your winnings. Do you bank your money by clicking collect, or do you carry on to win even more? The choice is yours...

If the number spun in on your chosen reel is the same as the preceding one, then the number is neither higher or lower and your prediction is incorrect. Your game will be over and you lose your stake and winnings.

When you have decided to stop playing and collect your winnings, click the 'COLLECT' button and your winnings will be banked to your Skybet account. You can then start a new game if you wish.


The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is 95.96%. This RTP represents the long-term expected payback of the game which has been calculated by an independent testing company.


Malfunction Voids all Pays & Plays.


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