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Time Machine is a 5-reel 20-line story slot machine based on a time travel theme. The game features 5 bonus rounds, wild symbols and 2 bonus scatter symbols being plutonium and wormholes. The first 4 bonus rounds are different positions in time where the player will have to choose between 3 items as well as their standard bonus win. The last round is in the present where the player will auction the items they have collected throughout the game for a cash reward.

How to play

Choosing your stake

To increase, or decrease, the amount you are going to bet Click the BET + and - arrows.

Remember that stakes are accepted on a per line basis.

Click the LINES + and - arrows to select the number of lines you wish to play.


There is an Autoplay function in the game that will start each spin automatically until something occurs in the game that requires player intervention. Select your desired number of spins by clicking the ‘<' and ‘>' buttons and then press Play. If you wish to cancel this during your auto spins then simply press the Stop button which will appear where the spin button was previously.

Bonus Rounds

Plutonium and Wormholes

The bonus symbol for this game is the wormhole symbol which will take you to the next bonus round and the next stage in time. The wormhole symbol is a scatter symbol so it doesn't have to appear in a line to be a win. The wormhole symbols are only placed on the middle 3 reels. The wormhole symbol will only move on to the next bonus round if the plutonium levels are full. To fill up the plutonium levels, you will need to win plutonium scatter symbols on the reels first. The amount of plutonium you have is shown on the meter on the left where each plutonium symbol will fill 1 of the 10 slots available. You can get up to 5 plutonium symbols in one spin but they must have at least 3 for it to contribute towards the plutonium meter. When the plutonium level is at the maximum (the border will turn green at this point) then you can travel to the next bonus as soon as you get the 3 wormhole scatter symbols.

After each bonus round, the plutonium meter is set back to 0 again and you will have to spin more plutonium in order to activate the wormholes again. There is no win for wormhole symbols - only entry in to the bonus game. The plutonium symbols do give a win so you will still win something even if the plutonium meter is full.

Artefacts and the Inventory

The inventory is shown on the right (the opposite side to the plutonium meter explained above). After each bonus round (except the last one), you will be given a choice to pick 1 of 3 artefacts to bring with you for the rest of the game. The artefacts that you have collected will be shown in the inventory panel.

At the end of the game you will go to an auction bonus round where you will auction off the items you have collected for an additional reward.

Pick an artefact at the end of each bonus round and it will appear in your inventory shortly after.

Prehistoric Bonus

Upon entering the game, 5 eggs are available. Selecting one of the eggs will cause it to hatch and reveal a prize.

The value contained within the egg will be revealed with a "Take it" button.

You will also see 10 possible values for the prizes that could be contained within the other 4 eggs with the current egg value highlighted.

You will have to choose whether to accept the value in the current egg by clicking the "take it" button or to try another egg by clicking on it.

When you choose another egg, the last egg closes and cannot be opened again.

If you choose all the eggs then the last egg clicked will automatically be taken as you will not have any other choices left.

After you have taken an egg, an Artefact selection screen will appear where you must pick 1 of 3 artefacts to take with you in your inventory.

The winnings for this bonus round are calculated based on your total average stake so far.

Roman Chariots Bonus

Upon entering the game, 3 chariots are available and you must pick 1 that you will think will win.

All results (1st, 2nd and 3rd) will get a prize. There are no losers.

After clicking on a chariot, the race will begin.

At the end of the race, your chariots position will be displayed along with the total reward you got for that position.

You will then have to choose 1 of 3 artefacts that you want to take with you for the rest of the game (see Artefacts above).

The winnings for this round are calculated based on the average total stake since the last bonus round (prehistoric bonus round).

Warships Bonus

Upon entering the game, you can choose Manual or Autoplay.

A series of ships will enter the screen from the right and for every ship you sink you will be given a reward.

After all the ships have passed (between 8 and 16), your winnings are counted and you will be asked to pick 1 of 3 artefacts to take with you (see Artefacts).

If you don't hit anything for 2 minutes then you will be given a consolation prize instead.

The winnings for this round are calculated based on the average total stake since the last bonus round (the roman chariots round).

1960s Band Bonus Round

Upon entering the game, you will have to click start to start the bonus round.

Each turn, the light will move over the band members gradually slowing down until it stops on one. The band member that the light stops on is the reward that you are given which is also shown in the table above it.

You will have between 3 and 6 turns and your winnings are added together.

The winnings for this round are calculated based on the average total stake since the last bonus round (the ships bonus round).

Auction Bonus Round

Upon entering the game, you will be asked to select the first item to auction.

When you select an item, the auctioneer will announce it to the crowd and take bids. The bidding stops when no more people place any more bids and the winnings are credited to your account.

After auctioning each item, the game is completed. Your total winnings will be credited to your account and the game is reset back to the beginning.

The winnings for this round are calculated based on the average total stake since the last bonus round (the 1960s band bonus) which is averaged with your average total stake throughout the whole game.


Line wins are multiplied by the value bet on the winning line. All line pay symbols must appear on a played line and on consecutive reels, beginning with the left reel. The game's pay table shows the winning values for the currently selected stake.

Only the highest line win is paid on each line.
Multiple line wins and bonus wins are added together in the TOTAL PAID bank.
Scatter wins are paid in addition to line wins.

The maximum win on any transaction is capped at £250,000.

Should you get disconnected during play we strongly recommend that on reconnection you re-launch the game and ensure any outstanding transactions are completed. Sky Vegas checks periodically and where incomplete transactions are found those games are terminated and any monies owed are returned to the player.

Game rules are given in GBP but other currency accounts are available. All amounts given remain constant for all currencies.

This game is regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is 95.12%. This RTP represents the long-term expected payback of the game which has been calculated by an independent testing company in accordance with AGCC regulations.

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